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Treehoppers is and educational two player fast-paced spatial placement strategy game that puts you and your friend up against each others treehopper decks. These real life bugs, scientifically referred to as Membracidae, hop among us. So many various species have been discovered, and most live in tropical rainforests. To win, players must reach their treehoppers up into their pponent's starting row by removing or "flicking" their pieces while placing their own. Gain three spots in opposing territory as YOU WIN!

When treehoppers get territorial with one another, it's a wing fluttering fiasco. The bug with the better buzz will stand strong on the branch while the other is flicked out. Align and move through friendly treehoppers for a spatial advantage. Utilize each treehoppers' abilities 'to gain the upper hand over the opponent. Combine treehopper abilities to conquer the forest! Use and gain sap as real treehoppers do to provide support to populate more trees.

These weird yet cute bugs come in many species and provide a great learning opportunity. Some treehoppers hum in the bushes scare away predators, others fly or glide along, and of course some treehoppers leap or hop small distances. The variety of species give a bright and fun color to the game's atmosphere. Using numbers, symbols, and dice we give life and movement to treehoppers in fun ways, allowing parents to teach strategy and luck to children in a new way. Roll the dice and hop to the top with the Treehoppers board game.


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We soon hope to have a print and play version avaliable!